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The Steering Committee and Task Force was originally formed as a 10-member taskforce selected by the Department of Health to represent state suicide prevention efforts at the 1st Region IX and X Suicide Prevention Conference. The taskforce was formally constituted as the Suicide Prevention Steering Committee in March 2005 with the understanding that the full committee would include additional members as needed to represent all key sectors involved in this effort.

*Emerging practices are "New innovations, no scientific evidence or consensus support"


The composition of the Task Force members shall be based on minimum representation of O`ahu geographical areas and or the following sectors and appropriate coalitions:

  • Suicide Prevention Survivor
  • Department of Education
  • Private schools
  • University of Hawai`i, School of Social Work and Department of Psychiatry
  • Faith-based organization
  • Department of Health, Adult and Children’s Mental Health Divisions, Injury Prevention Program, and Maternal and Child Health Branch
  • Suicide prevention service organization
  • Injury Prevention Advisory Committee
  • State Mental Health Council or organization
  • Police Department

  • Native Hawaiian organization

  • LBGTQ organization
  • Pacific Island community
  • Military, Veteran, National Guard
  • Asian organization
  • Youth based organization
  • Elderly organization
  • Professional organization
  • Judiciary
  • Media
  • Healthcare
  • Legislator