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To ensure a suicide safer community on O`ahu where individuals will talk about their thoughts of suicide and others will listen and support their choice to live. To promote a healing community, passing life forward.


The Task Force shall serve as a support group to the Department of Health (through the Injury Prevention and Control Program) in all matters related to the prevention of suicide on the island of O`ahu and as it relates to statewide efforts.


To reduce the incidence of suicides and suicide attempts in Hawai`i’s population through education and training, public awareness and advocacy, networking and resource development.

Core Values

We believe that individuals have a right to self-determination when they are fully informed and have received adequate intervention. Individuals, who are suicidal, despite our best efforts, kill themselves. Often, the person feeling suicidal is experiencing hopelessness. When identified and the person receives help, the feelings may abate.

We believe that the people of Hawai`i have the right to education that will help them to develop the competence to offer support and make appropriate referral when someone is suicidal.

We believe members of the community who are feeling suicidal deserve respectful, culturally appropriate, value-based interventions that are founded in emerging, promising or evidenced-based practice.

We believe in developing the resources on O`ahu island so that individuals who are feeling suicidal can receive culturally compatible services in their home community.

We believe in reducing the stigma against individuals with mental illness and the stigma individuals feel who have survived the suicide of a family member or friend by: breaking the silence around this issue, providing information/education and appropriate support.